The highest hotels in the world.
If you become a space tourist for financial reasons is not possible, and to visit at high altitude you want, you should stay in one of the tallest hotels in…

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5 Islands you should go
Deserted beaches, untouched forests, fresh oysters, night clubs, high waves and first class restaurants can be found in away from the usual tourist routes. 1. PANTELLERIA Pantelleria is located in…

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10 hotels in the world haunted

What is your relationship with ghosts? What? Ghosts don’t exist? Well, everyone has their opinion, but you can test this by staying in one of the hotels in the world that are famous for what they have is a “miracle” within its walls…


The Hotel Chelsea

New York, USA

In the heart of new York city, in Chelsea is a mysterious luxury hotel of red brick, built in 1884, resembling a 13-storey castle from a fairy tale. Near great restaurants, exciting nightlife and cozy cafes, Broadway, Tribeca, Nolita and Soho.

Hotel in Chelsea for many years lived in Bohemia, occurred the mysterious murder, and there was a lot of criminal stories.

This hotel is the girlfriend of Sid vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols, Nancy Spungen received a fatal blow from the musician, who soon died due to an overdose of drugs. In Chelsea Hotel, the poet Dylan Thomas fell into a coma and then died in hospital. Continue reading

Haunted houses. Stanley Hotel (USA)

Built at the beginning of the XX century Stanley Hotel is one of the most popular and often visited hotels of the world. Having received worldwide fame thanks to the novel of Stephen king’s “the Shining”, the Stanley Hotel for more than one decade attracts attention not only curious tourists and those wishing to admire the beauty of Estes Park, and paranormal researchers and Ghost hunters. However, despite numerous reports of the ghosts that supposedly inhabit the hotel, no one has been able to obtain convincing evidence of the presence of “supernatural forces” at the hotel. In spite of this, a number of stories about spirits that inhabit the Stanley Hotel every year becomes more and more.


In 1903 the inventor of the automobile, “Stanley Steamer” Freeland Oscar Stanley arrived in picturesque places in Colorado to improve their health. Stanley suffered from tuberculosis and on the advice of his physician remained in Estes Park for the summer. We can say that Stanley fell in love with the beauty of the valley, in a wonderful nature of the surrounding country, presents a magnificent mountain landscape. Engineer health began to improve, and probably at this time he decided to tie his future career with Estes Park. He decides to build a hotel here. Continue reading