The most unusual hotels of the whole world

Night theme: unusual hotels in Germany
Night during the trip need to spend so then another six months to tell your friends about it! So say the owners of many hotels in Germany and there trying…

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The most unusual hotel Finland
If we talk about the most interesting places in Finland where you can have fun, relax your body and soul, then, of course, of Finland can surprise You, especially the…

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Hotels near Tauride Park

Famous for its beautiful Tavrichesky garden in St. Petersburg, created in 90-ies of the XVIII century, nowadays attracts many tourists and indigenous residents for lovely walks. Many interesting objects of historical and cultural value, as well as Park place entertainment does not get around in one day. Nearby the hotel “Austrian yard” allows a comfortable stay in the city. which allows daily to enjoy the Park and its attractions.

From the history of the Park

The garden was created out of the blue and all upland terrain, picturesque slides were deliberately planned by the English gardener William Holdom. A. Potemkin-sponsored works, which included the creation of walking trails, canals, the two communicating ponds on the former site of a small river. The island of Great pond were ennobled, and one of them was connected with the shore by bridges. The Creator of one of the bridges was Ivan Kulibin, the bridge was a miniature model of the great, and built the bridge across the river. Empress Catherine II, Potemkin returned the money spent on the construction of a wonderful Park and Palace and awarded him the title of a Prince of the Tauride. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

Is it possible to surprise the modern traveler the comfort of a hotel room, wonderful views of sea or blue water pool? The desire to something unusual comes from many seasoned travelers. Up ten unique hotels in various parts of the world. Believe the word, rest in such places are not erased from memory, and only photos taken here will undoubtedly become the object of attention of your friends.

Underwater hotel


The hotel”Jules Undersea Lodge” or “House of Jules Verne” is Wu the coast of Florida in beautiful emerald lagoon at a depth of 21 feet. This wonderful hotel is located in the room where previously there was a laboratory in which scientists studied the coastal shelf. To reach it you have to dive with an aqualung. The hotel can simultaneously be no more than six people, who may well find themselves, like captain Nemo, because the huge round Windows provide an opportunity to observe the life of different fish and other ocean dwellers in a familiar environment. Continue reading

The most luxurious hotels of Crimea

Long past the time when the post-Soviet space was extremely difficult to find a really nice hotel. If earlier it was possible to count unless some kind of “Intourist” in which still remained a plume of Soviet practices of communication of the staff with the guests. As early as possible in the hotel industry was much less compliance with the European concept of high service, but today the situation has changed dramatically. Now you can find hotels for every taste and budget. This special niche is a hotel complex offering not just good service, but rather, high quality service combined with the best interior solutions and the multi-recreational.

GIS Crimea offers an overview of several hotels that are the pride of our region and proves that in the Crimea you can find hotels that demonstrate fine taste and offers its own special atmosphere. Of course, a visit to these hotels is not the best budget practice, especially in high season. But as you know, for good conditions is worth paying for.

This demonstrates the chic hotel “Mriya resort Yalta” . The complex is located not far from Yalta and is a luxurious architectural design. The author of the design of the hotel is the British architect Norman foster. Continue reading

Hotel in Odessa

To choose hotels of Odessa for travelers – an essential factor of any trip to the pearl of the black sea. Enough to enjoy the sights and cultural events, You will definitely want to relax in a comfortable room.

Hotels in downtown Odessa

Apart-Hotel “Ribas” is a cozy hotel in Odessa, located in the heart of the South of the city on the street Deribasovskaya 3. It is the center of historical, cultural and business life, where there are significant and interesting places, as well as the best Odessa hotels. It is here within walking distance before You open up all the possibilities – entertainment venues, historical and cultural monuments, as well as beach holidays under the warm sun of the black sea.

The hotel Odessa in the centre is a definite advantage, because then You will have access to all the most unique and interesting sights, memorable places and activities. Prices in Odessa hotels, sometimes surprise, especially in the summer time, but the Apart Hotel “Ribas” offers a nice price and special offers. Continue reading

Hotels Of Egypt

Almost all popular of the Arab Republic of Egypt located on the red sea. The world famous ancient Egyptian resorts of the country attracts every year a huge number of tourists. On the mainland are located such resorts as Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Sharm-those, those-Sheikh, Saphan and many others.

All hotels of Egypt have a modern appearance, high level of service and good infrastructure. The rooms have air conditioning, shower, toilet, TV, mini-bar, telephone and spacious beds. If you want you can request a room with a terrace or balcony that opens a magnificent view of the sea. As a rule, all hotels have restaurants and bars, conference rooms, small shops and kiosks, playgrounds and swimming pools. Many sports and gambling entertainment are extra. So, you will need to pay for Billiards, tennis courts or for the use of the Bicycle. And the best hotels of Egypt offer free to play volleyball, to take part in the show program or get clogged in a wild dance at the disco. Continue reading