The most luxurious hotels of Crimea
Long past the time when the post-Soviet space was extremely difficult to find a really nice hotel. If earlier it was possible to count unless some kind of "Intourist" in…

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Identified the 99 most popular hotels world
Once again HolidayCheck awards the most popular 99 hotels in the world. 530 thousand users revealed 99 of the best hotel in the world. The largest European travel portal, based…

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Night theme: unusual hotels in Germany

Night during the trip need to spend so then another six months to tell your friends about it! So say the owners of many hotels in Germany and there trying to come up with something to surprise guests. Just clean sheets and good service is dead boring! But to Wake up in the morning in a wine barrel, a tent on the ship’s deck or cheese – that’s what today’s tourist wants! And he gets it.

50 and into the barrel

In Rüdesheim, tourists can sleep in a wine barrel, with all conveniences. Such overnight stay at hotel Lindenhof Hotel. The hotel consists of six the oak barrels for wine, each of which has two built in beds are 1.85 m long. To the inhabitants of the drums felt right at home, each of them added to a small living room and a bathroom. Here are just a telephone in the wine vessels is not, so Wake up here the old fashioned way – by knocking on the door. Night in the manner of Diogenes is not a crazy whim, but a logical continuation of the day. The fact that hotels round the clock pour: the hotel specialises in and is famous for its wine tastings.

Full sur rooms

Hostas “craziness”, confident in the fact that the individual must be outstanding in everything, you should at least once in your life to stay in hotel Berlin’s Propeller Island City Lodge. Here each of the 30 rooms are no less real art object. One room has a sloping floor, and an old “grandma’s” bed floating in the air. Another room entirely painted in white and lit by colored light sources. In the room “Upside down” the most comfortable will be lovers of surrealism: the furniture here hanging from the ceiling, while the bed embedded in the floor. Fantasy owners of this hotel are endless: in one of the rooms features their own money to lie down in the white sarcophagi, on the night he slammed the lid.

Feel yourself like in a grocery supermarket: chairs made of shopping carts and cabinets from the store shelves and advertisements on the bed. It offers Europe’s first “grocery” hotel Food Hotel in Neuwied 115 rooms, including 47 thematic (for example, beer or cheese). Register guests in a converted cash booth, and my freezer converted into a sauna. The hotel’s theme (who, by the way, four full stars), taken not from the ceiling. It is located on the territory of the Federal College of the food trade. So when it attracts participants in a seminar, they immediately find themselves “in the subject.”

A dream in which don’t fly and swim

Adventurous young people waiting in the centre of Berlin on the ship Eastern Comfort hostel, which bobs on the waters of the spree. To stay here you can not only unusual, but also with the necessary comfort. All cabins equipped with showers and toilets, and if you want to swing on Board a hostel with comfort, you can rent a room and more expensive – cabin first class. For those who are bad with money, special offer is valid: on the night on the deck for a small fee to put up their own tent. The rest are all the same, like in a normal hotel: on the upper deck you can enjoy a bottle of beer and a bite to eat, and around the front Desk “flying” the free Wi-Fi.