Legendary hotels
Legendary hotels. Hotels that are famous worldwide mostly due to two reasons: the unprecedented luxury and star guests. These hotels are at the pinnacle of the pyramid of the hotel…

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The most unusual hotel Turkey Gamirasu Cave Hotel is located in the cave
Gamirasu Cave Hotel is one of the most amazing hotels in the world offering five star service when staying in the authentic cave. Gamirasu Cave was opened in 1999 on…

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Four Italian hotel that changed the world

What are the two things in Italy will be guaranteed always and everywhere? The answer is simple: the history and paste.

In Italy interesting history can be found everywhere, even in the hotel where you are staying. Hotels often played historical role, influence on world events. Especially in Rome such places full of stories.

Grand hotel Tremezzo

This list would not be complete without mentioning the fifth of the Italian hotels that changed the world, a quiet but indelible way: the epic Grand hotel Tremezzo (Grand Hotel Tremezzo), lake Como. If we talk about classic European hotels, this is one of the most beautiful, and etched in history not only because of its location in the place of fantastic beauty, but also because here lived one of the most famous legends of all time: Greta Garbo. At the end of the film “Grand Hotel”, a Hollywood blockbuster of 1932, Garbo’s character exclaims: “It will be Sunny in Tremezzo!”. Yes, rain or Shine, this Art Nouveau Grand Hotel sets the standard for luxury in Italian in every sense of the word. The view from the Suite Greta Garbo on lake Como the incomparable, like the Greta Garbo, and Italy itself.

Breakfast with the history and views of Rome. The hotel Hassler in Rome.

In the legendary location on the Piazza trinità dei Monti, directly overlooking the Spanish steps is the hotel Hassler (Hassler). It is often stopped members of Royal families, since its otkrytiyam 1893. This elegant nests they beheld the Eternal city. During the Second world war, after the reconstruction, which was carried out in 1938, the hotel was temporarily renamed the “Mussolini”, and Hassler served as the headquarters for the American command. Here we had strategic discussions and built military plans. In happier times, the hotel hosted guests as Picasso and the Beatles, there was Princess Diana. Rock stars like Duran Duran (Princess Diana was a fan of them) gave an interview with fabulous terraces presidential Suite, Penthouse Suite.

The Palazzo Sasso. Ravello.

To get to Palazzo Sasso, it is necessary to move further South, the pretty little town of Ravello on the Amalfi coast.

Here is one of the most legendary hotels – the luxurious Palazzo Sasso, built in the 12th century. Beauty and drama… it is from here that General Eisenhower planned the decisive battle of Montecassino in 1944. Today the building is fully restored, there are 32 luxurious rooms and 11 suites, most of them with stunning views of the Mediterranean sea.

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Four Italian hotel that changed the world

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Resorts and hotels — Poland
Along the southern border stretches the Sudetes and the Carpathians, which represent a system of mountain massifs and ridges. The Sudetenland is located in the South-West, the Karkonosze massif with…

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The most mysterious and bloody hotels of the world haunted
You still don't believe in ghosts? Then we invite you to visit one of the hotels to ensure the opposite. It would seem that places like the tourists try to…