An unusual hotel of salt in Bolivia
In the world there are neobychainyi hotel called the Palacio de Sal, consisting of nearly 100% from blocks of salt and it is located on the edge of the planet's…

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The oldest hotels in the world
Any old building, whatever it was destroyed along with preserves the history of past times. When you forget about it and do not attend then never ceases to live. Ate…

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Unusual hotel in a former factory of vacuum cleaners

Hotel Hüttenpalast in Berlin is more reminiscent of a miniature village: accommodation-cabins (Hütten in German translates as cabins) are scattered throughout the factory. Next to each “cabin” is a cozy furnished house territory — with benches, tables, flowers and trees. The guest chooses your taste suitable dwelling type — van of the 60s, a wooden house or a bathroom. In return, the guest gets two in one: camping indoors at any time of the year and all the benefits of modern civilization — Wi-fi — Internet, clean shower, Breakfast and owners welcome.

So yet an unusual hotel concept called glamping (glamping). Glamping is an increasingly popular trend in the tourism industry in Western countries. The word formed by merging the words glamour (the glamour) and camping (nature-friendly). So glamping is camping, not coupled with any difficulties and discomforts. The concept of glamping at the hotel Hüttenpalast realized first-class — get comfortable, original and most importantly — budget “Palace of the hut” comes in 10-ku the cheapest hotels in Berlin.

All it offers 12 bedrooms — 3 rooms-trailer,3 cabins and 6 standard design of all the rooms with necessary furniture. In each cabin there are large beds. Also available to guests is a shared lounge, where Breakfast is served daily.

Hüttenpalast the interior is designed in the spirit of the 60s. carries In past and still-functioning record player.

The cost of the hotel rooms ranges from 45 euros in a single cabin/trailer per day to 135 euros for 4-bed regular room. For an extra 5 Euro you can order Breakfast. However, if you travel to the hotel on Friday, be prepared to stay here and Saturday is the special wish of the owners. Book “the cabin” at the hotel on the official website .

In short, if you’re going to wander around Kreuzkolln (little Istanbul in Berlin), “Palace of the hut” can be a great place for your overnight stay.