Best casino of the world
For many years casinos were given semi-legal status. However, the industry has been and remains so favorable for making investments, no matter what the owners of gambling houses manage to…

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The most famous and popular haunted
Many hotels in the world are becoming popular due to the fact that in addition to the usual guests on their territory and these often appear in the form in…

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The oldest hotels in the world

Any old building, whatever it was destroyed along with preserves the history of past times. When you forget about it and do not attend then never ceases to live. Ate to take care of him, to care — it will give the mood of the era in which it was built. visitor. The same can be said about hotels. Probably very few people knows, but the world still hotels who have not dozens, but hundreds of years. Where are they located? How to find them? It’s very simple — they are still pleasing to the eyes not only of its owners and guests.

Opens the five of the oldest hotels in the world the Hans Bligh, which is located in the Austrian city of Salzburg. This Art hotel is already almost nothing left of his mini-stories. all the rooms are designed in modern style. He already 663. Always excellent services for tourists.

The four-star Italian Albergo del Sol Pantheon is the fourth step. His story has been continued for 546 years. Located in the heart of the Italian capital. Over the years, this hotel lived Nietzsche, Ludovico Ariosto. Jean-Paul Sartre, count Cagliostro and other famous personalities.

Three leaders opens the hotel old bell, which is considered the oldest hotel in the UK. For its size it is quite compact, there are only 31 rooms. In the first half of the 20th century, the hotel is often used as Plamadeala of chinesemac. The old man already in 793.

Venetian Luna Baglioni works for the benefit of its visitors for over 800 years. The area of Saint mark’s is just a few steps away. During the Crusades stopped here the knights Templar. The kitchen of this hotel will feed even the most capricious client — here cook almost everything that your heart desires.

In a small Japanese town Komatsu is located the oldest hotel around the world is the Hoshi hotel. Still it remains a traditional Japanese hotel. Throughout the history of the hotel Hoshi holds him by the representatives of the same family. And he’s already more than 1300 years. That is interesting. next to other technical devices, Internet here.