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Holidays in the Maldives

Maldives – more than a thousand Islands in the Indian ocean, eighty eight of which are hotels. Tours to the Maldives, attracted by the beautiful weather, beaches, romantic ambience, excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling. Giant turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, Moray eels, reef sharks, dolphins… All this awaits only you! In addition, there is always warm water in which you can “hang” for hours. Friendly staff, friendly by nature, will not leave anyone indifferent. Very beautiful nature, theme parks, banana groves, exotic and solid peace – that’s what a holiday in the Maldives . Many talk about the factor of “Robinson Crusoe”, attracting tourists from all over the world, namely, the so-called journey to the “desert island”, an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of civilization and merge with nature. The combination of relaxation and recreation, perhaps one of the most attractive features of holiday in the Maldives.

The recommended time for a visit . October – may.

Weather . the climate of the tropics. Average temperature 26 – 30°C. From late December to April it is hot. From may to October the monsoon season: heavy rains, high humidity.

How to get there . airlines Emirates and Qatar Airways via Doha or Dubai respectively. The flight takes about 12 hours. Twice a week there are direct flights from Moscow to male by Turkish airlines. Journey time – 9 hours. The time difference with Moscow is + 2 hours in winter, + 1 hour in summer.

Visa . for a period of one month is provided free of charge upon arrival at the airport. Upon departure, airport tax is charged.

Custom . to bring alcohol to the Maldives is prohibited, as well as pornography and erotic magazines, video tapes, etc.

Geography . The Republic of Maldives located in the Indian ocean, 700 km from Sri Lanka. Is a chain of 20 atolls comprising more than a thousand coral Islands. The total area is 90 thousand km2, while the land area – 298 sq. km.

Population . basically, the descendants of immigrants from the Middle East and South Asia. About 395 thousand people.

Language . Dhivehi, English.

Currency . Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). 1 US dollar (USD) is approximately 15 Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Religion . Sunni Islam.

Kitchen . close to Indian and Arabic. Favorite dish – tuna with rice, and my favorite dessert — coconut in any form. Popular drinks – coffee and Arabic tea with milk, and drink “RAA”, which is made from palm milk.

Transport . the most popular sailing and motor boats. Part of transportations is carried out by seaplanes and boats. Any Maldivian island can be crossed at most two hours. The main form of local transport is the dhoni, a traditional vessel, advanced in our day diesel engines. Car taxi, as the roads are, mostly,only in male. Here you can pick the car up. Between the Islands flying air taxi. On the Islands it is very convenient to move around on bicycles.

Sports and entertainment . The Maldives is a Paradise for scuba diving. A large variety of coral reefs, caves, rich underwater world attracts divers from all over the world. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for surfing, sport and underwater fishing.

Security . You should not forget that spearfishing is prohibited, and unauthorised fishing and cannot come from the sea corals, starfish, shells, etc.

Hotels in the Maldives is romantic, relaxing, enjoying the views of nature… all the things that you associate with the concept of rest, as, for example, Coco Palm Bodu Hithi 5* – Maldives recognized classic, perfect for a tropical getaway. The leader of bookings among tourists from Russia (including famous politicians), or One & Only Reethi Rah de Luxe 5*, famous not only for its charming atmosphere, but also an unsurpassed Spa-procedures. By the way, this is practically the only hotel in the Maldives, which boasts a SPA center, speaking in Russian…

Hotels of Maldives . generally small and almost always each hotel is a separate island. A feature of the local license plate Fund – “water bungalows” or houses on stilts that stand right above the water.

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