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Raffles Hotel Singapore

Legendary hotel – witness the days of the British Empire and today remains one of the best in Singapore. In the year of its centenary, in 1987, Raffles Hotel was officially recognized as a historical monument of national importance.

And readers of the magazine Travel + Leisure for many years, recognized the best hotel out of a hundred of the leading hotels of the world. Throughout its history the hotel has seen many celebrities. Stayed here Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward, ava Gardner, Charlie Chaplin. The hotel is rightly proud of its culinary traditions. Even Rudyard Kipling had advised his readers, when in Singapore, dine in only Raffles. And “Ridyard Kipling Suite” of this hotel, named after the Nobel prize in 1907 in literature, the British newspaper The Independent included in the top five of the author’s suites.

The hotel is ten cafes and restaurants offering traditional classic European and Oriental cuisine, including the famous Raffles Courtyard. It is located in the courtyard, lush with tropical vegetation. Here you can not only pay tribute to the fine cuisine in the atmosphere of “retro” style, but also dance to the sounds of a small orchestra, ispolnyaetsya 20– 40-ies. The traditions of a brilliant past in Raffles Hotel combined with the standards of comfort, worthy of the twenty-first century. Among the most popular innovations – the magnificent Wellness centre Amrita Spa. exclusively for hotel guests.

Location: walking distance from Singapore arts Museum and city Park, 20 minutes from the international airport.

At the hotel . 6 restaurants (Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean cuisine), 4 cafes, 3 bars, pool, gym, sauna, steamroom, Spa centre Amrita. meeting rooms, business center, Museum of history hotel, school of culinary arts.

Rooms: 103 rooms, Courtyard suite, Palm court suite Personality suite, Grand hotel suite, the Sir Stamford Raffles suite, Sarkies suite.

Courtyard suite Palm court suite : rooms are located around an inner courtyard. The rooms are decorated with Oriental carpets and furnished in a classic colonial style of the late XIX century.

Courtyard suite

Personality suites are named in memory of the celebrities who stayed at the hotel. The interior of each room is decorated with Souvenirs reminiscent of the famous guests. Some rooms have balconies.

Noel Coward Suite

Suite name noël Coward, English playwright, actor, composer and Director.

Grand hotel suite : 5 Deluxe rooms are located in the main building of the hotel. All rooms are decorated with antique furniture and paintings.

Sir Stamford Raffles suite 2 – bedroom / Sarkies suite 2 – bedroom : both rooms – open veranda, two bedrooms, living room, dining room with dining table for 8 people, pantry, bathroom. Rooms are decorated with antique furniture and paintings.