5 Islands you should go
Deserted beaches, untouched forests, fresh oysters, night clubs, high waves and first class restaurants can be found in away from the usual tourist routes. 1. PANTELLERIA Pantelleria is located in…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
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5 Islands you should go

Deserted beaches, untouched forests, fresh oysters, night clubs, high waves and first class restaurants can be found in away from the usual tourist routes.


Pantelleria is located in 100 km from Sicily, but in his time it was inhabited not by Sicilians, Iberian and Ligurian tribes. Visited here, leaving their mark, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Normans. The island has preserved many ancient and just old buildings – from the Carthaginian Acropolis, and buildings of cassiotou to rural houses, called dommusi and often rented. On Pantelleria the water is so clear that even from the shore you can observe the life underwater

inhabitants. Between the colonies of sponges and coral branches scurry groupers and breams, and in depth, shimmer and antique amphorae – the sunken shards on the rocky shoals near the island of ships. About the volcanic origin of the island today remind only hot mineral springs and clouds of steam. To the North of its highest point, the peak, Montagna Grandе, is a small lake – a natural mud bath, resulting in a result of the activity of an extinct volcano, which in fact is an island.

On Pantelleria, make a sweet and viscous dessert wine – passito di Pantelleria, as well as olive oil. In addition, here, as on other Islands, near Sicily,are harvested capers. Sarah spinosa is cultivated on the island only the last 150 years, but has since managed to gain recognition not only in Italy but also abroad. Capers are harvested from the bushes about one meter in diameter. Collect only unopened buds – they are smaller than the more valuable. Collecting capers, organizing them by size, soaked in salt solution and filled with coarse sea salt in a month the product is ready for use.

In recent years, the island is often visited by celebrities, however brilliant the fate of Saint-Tropez or Portofino – former isolated fishing villages – it is not in danger: too far from the mainland, too windy the weather is too blazing hot summer sun. Even Giorgio Armani and Carole bouquet, who decided to build villas here are on the island on short visits.

However, to enjoy the local scenery, wine, food and sunsets, is not meant to be there. An aperitif at the bar Tikkiriki, pasta with sea urchins at the restaurant I Mullini, warm cookies in Terremoto and eucalyptus groves on the slopes of Montagna Grande, the sea, the walls – everything here was man-made and what worked the wind, rain and sun, available to every traveler.


The San Juan Islands located on the border of the USA and Canada are geographically the U.S. state of Washington, while the rest of the archipelago of the Gulf Islands is a canadian territory. During high tides the majority of the 743 Islands fills with water, so that life is lived only on the four largest – and San Juan is one of them. Here is preserved military fortifications of the times Swinica war of 1859, instigated by the U.S. and British North America, after a quarrel with two locals because of the dead pigs (fortunately, during the conflict the other victims, except for pigs, was not). San Juan has sandy beaches and picturesque rocky coves, although the weather reminds Siberia – in winter the temperature drops to 30 degrees below zero. Island national Park is a veritable Museum of the forest, and in the spring, when strawberry trees are covered with fluffy white flowers, it resembles a giant Apple orchard. But here is

not only for the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands in recent years, turn into a North American gastronomic Mecca: the Orcas island restaurant Allium in the working student of the famous American chef Thomas Keller, Lisa Nakamura, and the Willows Inn, on the island of lummi kitchen former head chef of the Copenhagen Noma – blaine Wetzel.


A few years ago due to the cinema the popularity of the third largest and most populated of the Hawaiian Islands has increased significantly on Oahu, where they filmed the cult TV series Lost, rushed the crowd of his fans. And again the love of cinema – this time baby – forcing many parents to buy a ticket to Honolulu: last year, Disney opened on Oahu Aulani resort. Adults and kids are here almost round the clock entertaining animation team, which among other things can easily teach the whole family to dance traditional Hawaiian dance “hula”. The kids club nonstop twist of disney movies, and special pools swimming rays, which are allowed to touch. But on a tour you can go to the newly opened Museum of the Second world war at pearl Harbor.


The largest of the North Frisian Islands on the North-West of Germany. From the mainland you can get there via Europe’s only dam. The climate and landscape of Sylt remind about holidays in Palanga or Jurmala: sand dunes, endless winds and drizzling rains. There are no exhausting summer heat, but June and July are generally Sunny, than to enjoy the sunbathers naked: nudist beach FKK is one of the largest in Germany. Sylt is the German version of Capri: rest here wealthy North European bourgeois and celebrities. Many come on weekends to eat fresh mussels at local restaurants, play casino, dance night clubs and have a mud bath at the Spa. Sylt and popular with surfers.