Famous hotel in Sochi after the renovation is waiting for the influx of visitors
Recently known Sochi "the Pearl" was not just a hotel but the Grand hotel. What is the essence of change? About it our conversation with the General Manager of the…

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The most unusual hotel Turkey Gamirasu Cave Hotel is located in the cave
Gamirasu Cave Hotel is one of the most amazing hotels in the world offering five star service when staying in the authentic cave. Gamirasu Cave was opened in 1999 on…

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Hotel in South Africa.

The undisputed leader of the rating of the hotel in South Africa, who held last year’s second place ranking – Singita Private Game Reserve. This is the best hotel on the continent and in the nomination “Best small hotel” composed of five unique and luxurious lodges-Safari. African hotels it is also worth noting Kirawira Camp in Tanzania and Chobe Chilwero Lodge in Botswana, located in the scenic National parks and taking the 39 and 62 respectively.

The second line in ratings belongs to the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan – hotel world famous network brand, are 75 hotels around the world. It impresses with its Asian high-quality and home-meticulous service and is a leader among hotels located in the Asian hemisphere.

“Impossible is nothing” was the first thing that comes to mind when you first visit the hotel Oberoi Udaivilas, which occupies the third place in the ranking. The combination of idyllic interior of the tales of Scheherazade with a charming Asian service and modern technologies from the stories of the Lemma. Network Oberoi, founded in 1934, consists of 18 hotels located in the most exotic corners of our planet: India, Egypt, Indonesia, Mauritius and Saudi Arabia.

In a rating of the best hotels in top100 not included none of the Russian hotels. Although in a recently published report from research company Tri HospitalityConsulting Moscow has overtaken Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin at the profits that hotels bring to their owners. The main problem of the Moscow travel market is the shortage of hotels of middle class, this is due to high land cost and rapid return luxury hotels.

9 hotels France recognized palaces

Any guest can feel like a monarch

Officially recognized by the French palaces of the 9 hotels. This honorary status is given only to those hotels that not only have a chic interior and offers service on the highest level, but are located in historic buildings, writes portal

Category “Palace” is higher than “five stars”. The new classification who posted this status was adopted 2 years ago.

The latest hotel received the status of the Palace in France became George V Paris an event Occurred this fall, and deservedly so – for several years critics have recognized the hotel George V the best in the world, and leading hoteliers complained loudly that the hotel has long ranked as the “Palace” category.

The hotel George V really looks like how we imagine a typical Palace. On the walls tapestries, and amazing sculptures can be seen even in the rooms. Special mention deserves the gorgeous garden and the hotel’s convenient location near the famous Champs Elysees. From the Windows also offer stunning views of iconic Parisian landmarks.