Haunted houses. Stanley Hotel (USA)
Built at the beginning of the XX century Stanley Hotel is one of the most popular and often visited hotels of the world. Having received worldwide fame thanks to the…

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An unusual hotel of salt in Bolivia
In the world there are neobychainyi hotel called the Palacio de Sal, consisting of nearly 100% from blocks of salt and it is located on the edge of the planet's…

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Legendary hotels

Legendary hotels. Hotels that are famous worldwide mostly due to two reasons: the unprecedented luxury and star guests. These hotels are at the pinnacle of the pyramid of the hotel business. The Ritz, the Savoy, the Metropole, the Waldorf-Astoria – these names can be found in tourist guides next to the names of Hemingway, Monet, Presley. Legendary hotels are mentioned in the memoirs of dozens of stars and hundreds of books.

Legends hotels became, for various reasons, but mainly because of unprecedented luxury and famous guests. Luxury hotels attracted the attention of Bohemians and creative individuals. Artists, writers, millionaires and aristocrats – that’s the audience that filled the hotel lobbies and restaurants, and which is subsequently added to the hotels glory. As the most striking example is the hotel Ritz, which for nearly a hundred years is considered the best hotel of Paris. The Ritz is famous not only for its luxurious rooms. Here more than 30 years of his life was spent by the legislator in the French fashion Coco Chanel and hundreds of famous people past and present.

Guests – one of the main trumps legendary hotels. So, in a new York hotel Waldorf-Astoria lived for several years Frank Sinatra. And the Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg has hosted many of videosinterracial of culture and art of several centuries. Here spent their honeymoon famous Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In the Grand Hotel Europe at the time stayed “the king of waltz” Johann Strauss.

Many legendary hotels have in their rooms suites after famous guests. In the same Paris Ritz Suite is in honor of American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, at the Ritz-London – apartments Prince of Wales.

Legendary hotels often declared a national cultural asset. They are assigned various titles, they are considered as protected monuments. For example, the hotel Negresco in nice. He is famous not only for beautiful views of the famous baie des anges, but for the fact that in 1974 the French government declared it a National Historic landmark.

It is clear that the rooms in the legendary hotels are not affordable to many. The cost usually starts from 400-500 USD per night for a single and ends somewhere on the border of common sense. However, regularly are those who can afford to rent an apartment the famous Coco Chanel over 6 thousand euros per day and still maintain sanity.