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10 most famous haunted houses around the world

10th place – Baldoon castle

In Scotland there is an ancient castle, which has for many centuries observed paranormal activity. As many believe, is due to the fact that in the past here there was a bloody event. The rich man of James Dalrymple had a daughter Janet. When it came time to marry, the father picked up his man.

However, Janet was not delighted with this and expressed their protest. But at the time nobody listened, and just before the wedding ceremony with fiance hated the girl found stabbed to death. It was unclear who did it. Maybe it’s your favorite girl that she wanted to go. Maybe she herself took his own life before the hateful marriage. Many people have noticed this the haunted house a ghostly silhouette of a woman. Perhaps the rebellious spirit still roams these creepy places.

On 9-th place Houska castle in the Czech Republic . It was visited by the Ghostbusters and were amazed by the paranormal activity. One of the famous writers of the past lived here previously and he told the world that the castle Houska are some demonic creatures. These creatures live in the haunted house and frighten everyone who will decide to stay.

The castle appeared a shadow, he could hear voices, objects moving right in front of astonished visitors. Ghost hunters heard the sound of wings and saw a dark mass. Perhaps it wosene human souls dwell in the castle.

8th place – the Hospital of Saint John (England)

This place is a place of dread and fear because of its history and phenomena happening here. It is known that in the past the hospital kept the people who suffered from various mental disabilities.

In 1989, the hospital was closed, but workers could not take out all the furniture, as they heard strange and eerie moans, saw the bright lights. All of this to scare people. This haunted house strikes fear in the residents. Not everyone dares to go into the walls of the hospital and to stay there long.

7th place – Bodelwyddan castle in North Wales . The history of the castle is very old, there lived generations of people. Visitors say that the castle heard footsteps behind her.

People see gray shadows. In one of the rooms saw a woman in a blue dress. The arrived Ghostbusters only confirmed the presence of ghosts in this place. Moreover, were obtained the shocking photos of ghosts. This castle is really inhabited by real ghosts.

6th place – hotel “Berengaria” (located in Cyprus)

This hotel began its history since 1930. Initially, the business brought a good income, because the thing ran real owner. However, as time went on, and the owner of the castle died. Before his death he took his sons with the word that they ably carry on the business in the hotel, he managed the profit and promoted the business. However, three sons instead just fell out.

They did not want to share the money equally common. As a result the brothers were killed one by one, and their deaths are still shrouded in mystery. The hotel then finally came in full decline. Neighborhood residents simply pilfered hotel property, turning it into ruins.

The locals are saying about this haunted house very reluctantly, because they are afraid to go there. The hotel have seen the ghostly figures.

5th place – fortress in Peru

This fortress of the 16th century was built specifically for the defense of the city. In the past, there have been found deposits of gold. The pirates tried to sack the city, to pick up the gold. But the king decided to erect a huge fortress to discourage pirates to appear in these places.

Of the paranormal “haunted houses” there were noticed the following: disembodied voices that call to tourists in his side. Also, tourists have seen the Ghost of a boy who quickly moved around the room. The Ghost was dressed in ancient clothes from past centuries.

4th place – the lighthouse of the island of great Isaac Cay

This haunted house is located in the Atlantic sea. We know from history that in the past near the shore crashed the ship, in which were many people. Survived only boy, of whom nothing more is known. The island is a Ghost of his mother, whom people see as the lady in grey.

The spirit sweeps near the old lighthouse and crying loudly. The moans not once terrified the locals. It is also known that the island had two caretakers of the lighthouse, which simply disappeared at one point.

3rd place – a prison of Port Arthur in Australia

Prison Port Arthur housed the most notorious criminals from all over Ireland. All evidence of meetings with the ghosts didn’t come from anyone and from the tourists themselves.

One day, a tourist is approached by a man in uniform. The conversation lasted a few moments, and then he disappeared. Also people noticed the figure in black who was walking on one of the buildings of the prison. Also known for the Ghost in prison garb who loves to play tricks on people.

2nd place – quarantine station in Sydney

It is a place filled with pain and suffering of thousands of people have been treated for many terrible diseases. At that time there were no modern drugs had not been developed to such a degree medicine. People were bringing in special showers, where he was doused with a solution of disinfection. After that, people could lose the top layer of skin, but before a disease such as smallpox helped only radical method.

In this place visitors watched Ghost in a bathroom stall, in a hospital bed once had seen the silhouette of a man. However, there was no one there. Moreover, people could hear the snoring of the person, but still nobody noticed. In addition, in some places people covered chills, they became uncomfortable. People noticed the shadows in empty rooms that inspired fear and terror.

1st place – school Ragged School in Scotland

This haunted house initially was not considered as such. However, after people from neighboring areas began to hear voices and sounds in empty school rooms, it became clear – there are ghosts.

Among other things people have heard voices, seen ghostly shadows in the rooms of the school, noticed the light inside the building. Arrived on the scene, Ghostbusters confirmed these stories, adding their photos real-ghosts.