Club best hotels of the world
Historical aspects and modern features of hotel services market in Russia. Factors affecting the development of the hotel industry and increasing occupancy rates of hotels. Activities that improve the load…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
When choosing a hotel, we often wonder are there any attractions nearby. But there are hotels that are themselves the main attraction in those places where they are located. Fantasy…

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Stockholm. An unusual hotel made of plane.

The Swedes decided to bring new life to old aircraft. Near the airport of Stockholm four years ago, perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in the world.

To spend the night in a two-storey long-haul Boeing-747 can two thousand rubles for a bed. Each piece of the plane converted into a hotel needs: instead of economy class cabin now here’s a corridor to the rooms, and the cockpit became a Suite.

1. Swedish businessman Oscar Dios many years engaged in the management of hotels. But, apparently, the sky beckoned him more than the hotel business, and he decided to realize to combine dream with work. In 2008, the year he bought a decommissioned Boeing 747 1976 year of release, and the aircraft began a major renovation. The car was bought for 200 thousand euros, about the same Oscar has invested in retrofitting a flying giant in the hotel.

2. Climb aboard for an attached staircase, reminiscent of an air bridge or using the adjacent Elevator for the disabled and guests with heavy suitcases. At the entrance to remove your shoes, instead they give out free hotel Slippers white.

3. Reception. The clerk in the costume similar to the uniform of the pilot, told that the hotel has 28 rooms that can accommodate up to 76 people. “Jumbo” in your flying years it had a capacity of 350,but to sleep on the beds any more comfortable than the seat in economy class. Note cards and gifts: people love to buy something in memory of his unusual accommodation.

4. Interesting service, I anywhere have not seen before: you can rent a iPad. Costs about 450 rubles per day. Convenient for those who want to sit on the Internet, but did not bring a computer. Wi-fi is free.

5. The lobby-plane. Here can help themselves to free coffee and to work. Or buy something to eat/drink. There is a bar with alcoholic drinks. The Breakfast included in the room rate, something like the aviation food (sandwiches), and begins already at three in the morning. Many guests come here to spend the night before departure, Arlanda airport is next door and Windows you can even see the runway.

6. In order to satisfy lubopitstvo guests, on the wall hung the track record of the aircraft with complete information, technical specifications, and about what airline they owned.

7. All rooms are non-Smoking, but what plane can smoke? Room numbers are written in accordance with the brand book of Boeing.

8. Standard room. Triple. It can be booked as a whole, around 5 thousand, or one bed for two thousand. The price tag is quite average for the Swedish capital.

9. Square meters in the room a bit, but there is a huge hanger – left of the aircraft.

10. A computer with Internet, as well as all sorts of booklets and guides to Stockholm.

11. Single room. Before the square was able to fly 14 people, now only one, and sleep.

12. Single room equipped with personal bathroom. In rooms of a hostel type toilet with shower no, but there are three lockers at the end of the corridor.

13. One of the suites in the rear of the plane. The honeymoon Suite and everything. The TV on the wall, there is a huge collection of CDs with movies about Avicii. Even asiaporno!


15. Holy of holies – the cockpit. Is located separately on the second floor. The most expensive room in the hotel.

16. Conference room, also on the second floor of the Boeing. Chairs – original seats from business class.

17. In good weather you can go on the wing – in the summer there are tables.

Because of the remoteness from the city, the hotel is enjoyed by those who have late arrival or early departure. Stops a lot of pilots between flights, including from Russia.

Somehow it turned out that this hotel-the plane is almost unique in the world. There are hotels made out of small planes, but not one of those behemoths. And you know what I think? After all, we have fully written off the Carcasses, Jacob in airfields gathering dust. would be good business. Yes, even in Vnukovo aircraft monument in a hotel remodel. Would have someone to do it.