The most famous and popular haunted
Many hotels in the world are becoming popular due to the fact that in addition to the usual guests on their territory and these often appear in the form in…

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Classification and characteristics of hotels in the world
It is well known that the level of service in any hotel in any point of the globe depends on its classification — it could be the European system of…

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Identified the 99 most popular hotels world

Once again HolidayCheck awards the most popular 99 hotels in the world. 530 thousand users revealed 99 of the best hotel in the world. The largest European travel portal, based on the feedback of the past 2011, identified the 99 hotels that were most frequently recommended and highly appreciated by users, HolidayCheck. The company congratulates the managers of the hotels-the winners from such an honorable award by the HolidayCheck Award 2012.

This year the award is given in 7 categories, namely:

1) the Best hotel in the country, the competition involved 21 countries

2) Best hotels in the category “Family holiday”

3) Best hotels in the category “Holidays for couples”

4) Best hotels in the category “Beach holiday”

5) Best hotels in the category “Sightseeing tours”

6) Best hotels in the category “Wellness and Hiking”

7) Best hotels in the category “Ski resorts”

Especially popular are the hotels in Germany and Austria, on 7 hotels of these countries won in all categories. In the following list, Switzerland and Italy with 6 winners. In third place was Spain, UAE and Thailand with 5 awards. Russian polzovatelyami assessed the following hotels: Hotel Royal Dragon in Turkey, Hotel Stella Makadi Beach Resort in Egypt and Hotel Club Magic Life Africana IMPERIAL in Tunisia.

To obtain awards HolidayCheck Award hotels parties each submitted nomination should have received the highest scores. These estimates are calculated from the ratio of three crucial factors: first, the number of reviews (at least 40), left in 2011. Secondly, the level of the recommendations was to exceed 90 percent. And third, the amount of sun received by the hotel in different categories from 1 to 6 (where 1=very bad, 6=very good), an average of at least 3.5 suns.

The HolidayCheck Award 2012 award was created by users for users and contains the most accurate information about the best hotels in the world. The HolidayCheck portal offers its users and visitors of the site more than 7 million reviews in 10 languages and more than 130 thousands of hotels in 220 countries.

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