The most luxurious hotels in the world
Company booking luxury hotels, has published a list of the most luxurious hotels. It includes the most exquisite and expensive apartments Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Singapore, Ireland and Canada. The company…

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Famous hotel in Sochi after the renovation is waiting for the influx of visitors
Recently known Sochi "the Pearl" was not just a hotel but the Grand hotel. What is the essence of change? About it our conversation with the General Manager of the…

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The most unusual hotels in the world

When choosing a hotel, we often wonder are there any attractions nearby. But there are hotels that are themselves the main attraction in those places where they are located. Fantasy owners has no limits: underground and underwater rooms, the hotel is a waterfall and hotel-dog. These hotels are scattered around the world: Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Chile, USA, Finland. Unusual hotels are everywhere, where people live with a rich imagination and desire to create something absolutely unusual. We have made a small selection of photographs and descriptions of the most unusual hotels in the world .

Underwater hotel

Located in Maldives, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island boasts an underwater honeymoon Suite. Spacious bathroom with transparent walls and ceiling is located under an eight-metre layer of water next to a coral reef.

By the way, the other rooms are too hard to call normal: this Bungalow is situated on stilts over the lagoon water. Prices for the most simple room in this hotel in high season start from USD 900 per day; in the rainy season a hotel room can book half the price.

Another underwater hotel still exists only on paper: in Dubai, approved the project of Water Discus Hotel. It will consist of surface and underwater parts, and can simultaneously accommodate up to 42 guests. Guests would be housed in rooms at a depth of 10 meters.

The hotel is a waterfall

Chilean hotel Magic Mountain Lodge . located on the reserve, trying to merge completely with the environment. In the summer the hotel “faking” a waterfall, and lifeless mountain in the winter. Although guests here are taking at any time of the year.


Four Finnish hotel Kakslauttanen . located in Lapland offers its visitors accommodation in the form of a glass needle. It is assumed that in this way tourists can enjoy the beauty of the Aurora without leaving the frost. The services provided to guests is also listed winter Safari in dogs or reindeer.

Underground hotel

In another Nordic country, Sweden, was arranged in one of the shafts of a former mine. Here is the most expensive room is located at a depth of 150 meters and costs about $ 680 per night, the price includes the excursion to the underground lake. The room itself is located in a warm air pocket, and still the temperature does not rise above 18 degrees. Still, this location has the undoubted advantage – here you can relax from your  any mobile communications under a layer of earth cannot be and speeches.

Hotel-hound Dog Bark Park Inn

This hotel was lost in the vastness of the U.S. state of Idaho and can accommodate just four people. Height of construction – 10 meters, the room rate per night – $ 86, permitted Pets allowed

Capsule hotel

The Japanese, of course, the people pragmatic and frugal, it’s a matter of respect, but capsule hotels invented in this country, is still overkill. We have in such places people usually leave cats and dogs when they are away on vacation.

By the way, recently near to Belorusskaya railway station opened Moscow’s first capsule hotel Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya . Compared to our capsule hotel Japanese version looks like a fishing boat amid the cruise liner. The cheapest double cab in Moscow capsule hotel is 2600 rubles per night.