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The best hotels of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in the heart of Europe. The territory of this country is quite significant – it stretches from the snowy peaks of the Carpathian mountains to subtropical Crimea, with its craggy mountains and unique beaches. Of Ukraine are always welcome, and sociable people welcomes everyone to visit this fertile land. Several resort areas – the Carpathians, the coast of the Azov sea and the Crimean Peninsula are focused on the tourists, there are all conditions for comfortable rest.

Hotels in the centre of Ukraine are located in major cities with rich history and many architectural monuments, a visit to which is included in the compulsory program of acquaintance with the country.

For lovers of winter holidays open their doors to the resorts of the Carpathians, for example, the OTE does Bukovel. There you can not only skiing, but also imbued with the national spirit of the country is surrounded by amazingly beautiful nature. Definitely worth a visit in Lviv is a city with amazing history and incredible architecture.

For beach lovers will be more suitable the coast of the Azov and Black seas. Here you can comfortably relax on the comfortable beaches, and diving enthusiasts will enjoy the underwater world of Black sea.

The most luxurious complexes of Ukraine,usually presents hotels of Kiev. regional centers and resort areas of the country. Among them can be seen as modern buildings, erected a few years ago, and old buildings. To book a room in these hotels is recommended.

It should be noted that in the Carpathians hotels built in national style and perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. In turn seaside resorts mostly are super-modern hotel complexes, though there are small and cosy hotel with original interiors.

The best five-star hotels of Ukraine

Throughout the country there are a lot of institutions of this category that provide the highest level of accommodation and service in all regions, but mostly they are concentrated in large regional centers and resort areas. Every tourist arriving in the country, can find a refuge for the soul, based on their wishes and possibilities.

Accommodation in 3 star hotels

Three stars hotels represent the basis of the hotel business of the country, and therefore their development is given special attention. The desire to bring the resort the rest of the country on the international level makes hoteliers to make every effort to improve the living conditions and improvement of services. Therefore, each three-star hotel Ukraine offers its guests attentive service and caring staff, always ready to solve all the problems of the guests. It should be noted that the budget of Ukraine to provide its guests with everything needed, taking care of comfortable rest.

Booking of hotels in Ukraine – prices for accommodation

The cost of the hotel rooms in the hotels of this country varies widely depending on region and conditions of stay. Here you can find very expensive hotels that meet all international requirements, and budget hostels targeting young people. Approximate prices for rooms are:

2 stars 30 – 90 $;

3 stars 60 – 130 $;

4 stars 90 – 170 $;

5 stars 120 – 220 $.

When visiting the resort areas and big cities online booking of hotels in Ukraine is necessary, because in this way it is possible in advance to request a room, reading the location and living conditions. Book a hotel in Ukraine is guaranteed and just a few minutes on our site.