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Haunted houses. Stanley Hotel (USA)
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The most mysterious and bloody hotels of the world haunted

You still don’t believe in ghosts? Then we invite you to visit one of the hotels to ensure the opposite. It would seem that places like the tourists try to ignore, but quite the opposite…

TOP 10 hotels with ghosts:

Thailand, Bangkok, the Asia Hotel.

Despite the good location, stay here can only desperate daredevils. The mere sight of the hotel evokes the atmosphere of horror: dark narrow hallways, old rooms with dim lighting. It seems that a little more and somewhere in fly casting. But what happens! Here you can hear the sighs, the creak of stairs, the translucent shade can sit on the bed, and only you dare to talk to her… she just dissipates into the air.

China, Changsha, hotel Yu Shan Fan Dian

In the North of Beijing, in a small town Changsha is a huge hotel on 220 places right on the shore of the Yangtze river. In this mansion lived Chinese dynasty. Visitors tell us that they had seen the Ghost of the Empress Yu Shan. She appears in quite different places, scaring vacationers and guests. Maybe her spirit can’t calm down and tries to drive off intruders with their possessions.

United Kingdom, London, hotel Lanhham Hotel.

Why are ghosts so have chosen this European country, with its smug tradition is unknown, but the fact statsefarm, they’re here at every step. Most often, the Ghost can be found in luxury 5 – star Hotel Lanhham. In room 333, there appears a gray-haired gentleman, dressed in an old jacket. Who is he? And why are there in this room? Mystery that until now no one was able to solve.

UK, Surrey, the Selsdon Park Hotel.

This is a respectable old building with a hundred years of history is famous not only because here come the fans of the game of Golf. Here you can often meet a mysterious lady in a grey coat. It can appear from nowhere: on the stairs, in your room… Rumor has it that it is the spirit of a young woman who fell in love with the owner’s son, got pregnant and he dumped her. The girl was not able to stand the shame and jumped out the window. According to another legend, the Ghost of the owner’s daughter who fell in love with. The father forbade his daughter to even think about the young man, and she killed herself. What is the legend is true really doesn’t matter, the main thing that restless soul continues to roam around the hotel, scaring visitors.

UK, Oxfordshire, the Holt hotel Hotel.

Quiet hotel, away from the bustle of the city in the small town of Oxfordshire. Come here to relax and enjoy the comfort and quiet. It is in this corner of Paradise 400 years ago, were brutally killed by their hosts. Rumor has it that it was made a visiting Frenchman who seduced the mistress and because of this and imagining this terrible tragedy. Since then, the Ghost – killer and have not found repentance and periodically appears in the hotel rooms.

Canada, Vancouver, the Fairmont Hotel

If you decide to visit the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, you may be lucky to see the famous “lady in red”. Exactly 70 years ago, right before the entrance to the hotel under the wheels of a passing car came a young girl, somehow her soul had found refuge in the Elevator shaft. Sometimes “girl” leaves his home and walks around the hotel, scaring visitors and vacationers.

Canada, Toronto, Le Meridien King Edward.

Booking a room in this luxurious hotel, do not expect that you will relax, especially if you stay on the 17th floor. Loud music, conversations, laughter, and be done with it. The hotel still has not learned to deal with the ghosts, and why they don’t leave the hotel – also no one knows.

Puerto Rico, San Juan, hotel El Convento

Intrigue, mad love, secrets, hate, revenge – of course, it’s all about Latin America. The luxurious hotel El Convento, one of the best on the continent, in the seventeenth century belonged to the Spanish couple: Donna Anna and her husband. After his death, she devoted her life to God, and his mansion was turned into a convent. Later new owners decided to make him a posh hotel, but the hostess did not leave his house and sometimes appears in the corridors of the building and checks his possessions.

India, Mumbai, hotel The Taj Mahal Palace

The hotel TheTajMahalPalace ghosts wandering straight through the roof. As the locals say, it’s the spirit of the unfortunate engineer on the project which built the hotel. During construction, he had to go to France on urgent business. When he returned, he saw that the construction completed, but not according to his plans. Seen it is so impressed that he stepped down directly from the roof of the hotel. Since then, the Ghost of the chief engineer can often be seen on the roof of the building, he continued to suffer, his life was never realized.

Sweden, Smolyan, the hotel Toftaholm Herrgrd.

Ghosts can be found in the most unexpected and quiet places. So, in a rustic property located in the small town of småland, which often go on vacation young couples, to relax away from the bustle of the city, there is a Ghost of lover boy. Many years ago there was a rich estate. His owner, the Baron had a beautiful daughter who fell in love with a young handsome guy. The couple decided to get married, however right before the wedding, the Baron gave his daughter to marry someone else. The young man, unable to bear the separation, hanged himself in the bathroom. For those who are planning to stay in this hotel – the Ghost appears in the room 324.

True or just stories to attract tourists? But these hotels are incredibly popular with travelers.