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10 hotels in the world haunted

What is your relationship with ghosts? What? Ghosts don’t exist? Well, everyone has their opinion, but you can test this by staying in one of the hotels in the world that are famous for what they have is a “miracle” within its walls…


The Hotel Chelsea

New York, USA

In the heart of new York city, in Chelsea is a mysterious luxury hotel of red brick, built in 1884, resembling a 13-storey castle from a fairy tale. Near great restaurants, exciting nightlife and cozy cafes, Broadway, Tribeca, Nolita and Soho.

Hotel in Chelsea for many years lived in Bohemia, occurred the mysterious murder, and there was a lot of criminal stories.

This hotel is the girlfriend of Sid vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols, Nancy Spungen received a fatal blow from the musician, who soon died due to an overdose of drugs. In Chelsea Hotel, the poet Dylan Thomas fell into a coma and then died in hospital.

Guests tell us that in the long corridors of the hotel you can see the ghosts of Sid vicious and Dylan Thomas and playwright Eugene O’neill and novelist Thomas Wolfe.

Also visitors were seen many mystical phenomena: sudden cold air, phantom steps, blinking light.

May be, in connection with these events, the Chelsea hotel is now closed for renovation.

Le Pavillon Hotel

New Orleans, USA

The hotel, built in 1907, has in his record list of a few ghosts: the Ghost of a crying teenager Adda clothes in the middle of the nineteenth century, appearing in the lobby, complains that it has lost, and immediately disappears. Here is a gray-haired old woman in a dark dress, a pair of ghosts holding hands. Most amusing of them is the Ghost of a hippie, barefoot young man in trousers flared and colored clothing, which often make fun of guests, hiding their things, pulling off their blanket at night, running around and hiding in the walls.

Some of the guests, impressed by ghosts, the smell of someone’s cigar, some women’s perfume.

Hotel Holt Hotel

Oxfordshire, UK

In a very beautiful and hospitable Holt Hotel has 86 rooms, clean, cozy, comfortable, with Jacuzzi, simple, but tasteful, beautifully decorated: the walls, covered with colored Wallpaper, classic furniture, small beds, dark curtains, lamps…

But not only comfort, convenience and scenic surrounding of the place attracts guests…

They say that four centuries ago in the building of the hotel occurred the murder of the owner of the house and his wife Frenchman Claude Du Val, insidious temptations of an honest woman. In 1670 had him executed. And now, the spirit of Claude lives in room No. 3 of this old English hotel.

Hotel The Queen Mary

USA, California, long beach

Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner, the brainchild of Cunard Lyne, moved the once influential persons and stars in the war – troops, and again transatlantic flights. In 1967 it was removed from service and installed in California, the dock in long beach.

Currently a floating hotel Queen Mary is a floating hotel of 3 stars, in rooms 314 which I mebelu-ies in the style of art, with three restaurants, a shopping arcade. Here you can stroll on the deck and sipping a cocktail, you can admire the view of the Pacific ocean.

This hotel is the liner has seen dozens of deaths. Often the pool guests can see the female ghosts in bathing suits of the 1930s sometimes the phone rings, but at the end of the tube is a deathly silence, at night we hear the cries of babies…

On The Queen Mary every day there are excursions with stories about ghosts who live on the ship.

The Hotel Russell Hotel

Sydney, Australia

Russell Hotel, built in 1887 in the district of Sydney, the rocks, the elegant and charming and offers its guests comfortable rooms with: ceiling fans, Windows that open, tea and coffee making facilities, bathrobes and Hairdryers. For guests there is a garden on the roof overlooking the Circular quay and the city skyline. Bar Push Bar & Dining, in the morning – buffet (continental Breakfast), good library. Near shops, the best restaurants, ferry terminal and Circular Quay train station.

But once, during the terrible epidemics of smallpox and bubonic plague, it was a hospital, then a house and hostel for sailors, a Ghost of one of whom still lives in the dark hotel of origin. Guests of room number 8 was told that they felt at night during sleep, above them loomed something dark. Periodically in the halls of see the wandering ghosts of prostitutes. Here is often felt someone otherworldly presence.

The Hotel Stanley Hotel

USA, Colorado, Estes Park

In a four-star hotel, located in the historical zone of the town of Estes Park, famous for the Stephen king book “the Shining”, offers a range of facilities for guests. In this place Stephen king had invented the story for the novel and starred the eponymous mini-series.

In the Stanley Hotel appear first perfume of the proprietor and his wife, children and Lord Dunraven, constantly heard strange noises from unoccupied rooms, a piano in the lobby often plays itself. But the ghosts never did any harm. But the question of why there are ghosts, the answer is no, because there were no murders and tragic deaths.

Hotel Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club

UK, Croydon

Selsdon Park is a wonderful hotel 861 years in unique English garden in the spirit of the middle ages, with its beautiful Gothic interior and antique furniture, 20 miles from London.

Two hundred rooms with a unique design, decorated with beautiful fabrics and elegant wood furnishings, all conditions for comfort: TV, Internet, safe, bar, telephone and others.

This hotel periodically when the Ghost of a mysterious woman in grey clothes, who passes through walls and sometimes spreading their wings. They say that a former servant at the court of the Tudors, the mistress of the son of the owner of this building. When the girl told her lover about her pregnancy, the young man refused it. Unhappy remained nothing how to take her own life, jumping from the window.

Selsdon Park Hotel and again got into the program about the paranormal.

The Ballygally Castle Hotel

UK, Ballygally

Built in 1625 the Castle Ballygally Northern Ireland once played out a terrible tragedy…

For many years the castle was owned by the Shaw family, then passed into the possession of a very rich Lord Cyril (Cyril Lord) rebuilt the house. Later became a hotel.

James Shaw (James Shaw) who lived in Ballygally with his wife Lady Isabel. One day, after a quarrel with her because of her adultery or the inability to produce an heir to the throne (a different version), James has a woman locked in the tower, where she committed suicide by leaping from the bedroom window, driven to madness by hunger.

Lady Isabel was dead, but the Ghost of her, which is over four centuries, all wandering the castle hotel, knocking on doors at night guests

They say that this is a four-star hotel and there are also other spirits: James himself, is poisoned at the castle, Madame Nixon (Madame Nixon) in a beautiful attire, hear strange sounds and children’s laughter and feel the presence of someone in the room…

The hotel Castello della Castelluccia

Italy, Lazio, Rome

Hotel-Castelluccio Castle from the 13th century is located in the Roman suburb of Northern Lazio. Before it became a hotel, the castle had many aristocratic owners: Orsini (Orsinis), Muti (Mutis), Telescan (Odelskanis), Francesco Marconi (Marconi Francesco).

This is a wonderful hotel where you can just relax, Hiking, fishing, horseback riding, swimming, Golf.

Castello Della Castelluccia is a picturesque castle with all the features of the original design. There is a huge hall with bare walls and vaulted ceiling, wooden furniture, medieval style, emphasize the candelabra, busts, urns and many other decoration items.

The medieval dining room with Central fireplace and lamps, torches, rich round tables that complement Royal atmosphere.

But not everything is so rosy. In a renovated castle, according to eyewitnesses, often see three ghosts, including the mad Emperor Nero who wanders through the garden.

Hotel Weekly Mansion Akasaka

Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese are terribly afraid of ghosts, but in Japan, particularly in Tokyo, this hotel Akasaka weekly, mansen who love ghosts and inhabited by a terrible spirit of Noperapon (Noppera-bō). His face is completely smooth, eyes, nose and mouth are missing.

In Akasaka Weekly Mansion apartment for long stay guests tell us that their visions, felt the touch of someone’s disembodied hands at night during sleep that often ghostly fog.

Still, the fans to tickle your nerves stay at this Tokyo hotel.

Of is probably those places where like to live with ghosts, because in these buildings the large flow of people, played drama, and there are happy moments. Therefore, those who are interested in this theme, is the direct road to haunted hotels.

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