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An unusual hotel of salt in Bolivia

In the world there are neobychainyi hotel called the Palacio de Sal, consisting of nearly 100% from blocks of salt and it is located on the edge of the planet’s greatest salt desert Salar de Uyuni — the one in Bolivia. These unusual hotels are not uncommon and they scattered to all corners of the world. And what did not manage to build such hotels, but to build the Palacio de Sal gone for ten thousand tons of salt.

The famous salt marsh is not the first year of luring the beauty and singularity of a lot of tourists from all over the world. The construction of the salt hotel in the salt marsh – a logical business because the Salar de Uyuni salt provided in abundance.

The first hotel of salt blocks was established in 1998 right in the middle of a huge salt valley. The initiator of the building of this custom was representative of the local population – Juan Cased Vlad, who was a pioneer in the industry of salt structures. Some time later, the hotel was able to accept only 24 tourists (12 rooms on 2 places) and having only one bathroom has received visitors and gained an enviable popularity travelers. But, the location of the hotel, in the heart of the valley, as already mentioned, provoked the manifestation of environmental problems and issues related to sanitation. In 2002, the hotel was dismantled.

Two years later in 2004 the Eastern side of the Salar de Uyuni novissimi the hotel of salt, is known as the Palacio de Sal, which translated reads – “Palace of salt”. From salt blocks in this hotel made not only the walls, floor and ceiling, but the salt room has tables, chairs and beds, as well as the room and the area around it is decorated with salt sculptures. In total, during the construction of the building was used, as many as one million salt blocks. The developers stressed that during the construction of a new salt hotel were taken into account and complied with all requirements and standards, which has eliminated past problems of the hotel.

Interestingly, almost all the tourists in order to make sure that the furniture and other elements of the room are made of salt, trying to try all the taste. Therefore, the owners of the hotel have introduced a rule prohibiting licking the walls to prevent the destruction of blocks. Also significant damage to the building from outside causes a force of nature, and especially the rainy season, after which restore the building to enter it again into operation.

Today the hotel boasts sixteen excellent rooms, among which half of a single room, and the other half with two beds. The rooms offer comfort and all necessary amenities. Vacationers entertainment won’t be here, because here there is complete freedom of entertainment: sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pools for adults and children filled with salt water, dry sauna and other Wellness treatments based on the curative properties of salt, which in this region is quite rich in lithium. Golf lovers will appreciate the salt field for the game of Golf with nine holes. Signature dish a local restaurant – chicken in salt, and traditional one llama meat and lamb, which the chefs with special diligence. In the games room of the hotel one can find a mate to play chess or play with friends in the pool or just spend a quiet evening and a warm fireplace. Even here there is the auditorium, which will host four dozen spectators.

So the ceiling looks wonderful, consisting only of salt blocks:

At a height of over three thousand meters above sea level among the threads slightly salty fresh air you can afford a real relaxation and to see a beautiful sunset, and most importantly – all this can be done from the comfort of a hotel the Palacio de Sal.