Night theme: unusual hotels in Germany
Night during the trip need to spend so then another six months to tell your friends about it! So say the owners of many hotels in Germany and there trying…

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The St. Regis Hotel
One of the most famous hotels in new York located in the heart of Manhattan. At walking distance is the Museum of modern art, Carnegie Hall, boutiques Tiffani's and Bloomingdale's,…

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In the heart of the resort lądek Zdroj (Lądek Zdrój), surrounded by the Golden mountains, fabulous in the Park near the mountain river, the hotel Rezydencja Grawert. Just 100 metres from the hotel is the famous Center of natural medicine “WOJCIECH” (“WOJCIECH”), an indoor pool with Spa centre and 12 km from the center of winter sports in Czarna góra (Czarna Górza). Our hotel offers a unique Victorian ambiance that will transport You into a world of reflection, tranquility and relaxation.

MYSTERIOUS JOURNEY. May want to go on a journey full of adventures and experiences. Remember the adventures of Tom Sawyer, the Three Musketeers or the journey of Marco Polo. A good book from our library, a Cup of fragrant tea and relaxing in our room with a fireplace will allow You to relax and unwind from the worries of everyday life. Rooms TWAIN, DUMAS – twin with two single beds. Room MARCO POLO – double room with queen bed.

SKUTOCNOST. These rooms will make You travel to the magical land of fairy tales, who reigns in our hotel. Can You choose a trip to “the neverending story”? ALICE – double room Suite with double queen bed. LAFAYETTE-double room with double queen bed or two single twin beds. EMMA – triple room with a double bed queen and single bed twin.

VICTORIAN NOTE. Rooms in Victorian décor will take You in the era of Queen Victoria. The era in which the interior is dominated by rich ornaments and luxury. This style is not only rich, but also very romantic. We offer you a romantic journey to Rezydencja Grawert hotel, discover the charms of the Victorian style of the nineteenth century in England. Double suites: WIKTORIA, WINDSOR, MARGARET, and ALBERT ROMANTICA – rooms with double queen bed.

GONE WITH THE WIND. Two bedroom apartments at the Rezydencja Grawert made in the Victorian style. Elegant suits, luxurious rooms, stylish interior will allow You to travel back to another era, long ago. Gone with the wind SCARLET, SISSI – double apartment (possibility of sleeping for 3 people). GRAWERT – two-bed apartment.

Rezydencja Grawert is an ideal place for trainings, conferences and business meetings. Elegant, stylish interior, unique Victorian atmosphere and professional service make our offer very unique. We offer two conference halls. In our hotel we can accommodate groups up to 35 people.

All guests of Rezydencja Grawert welcome to fabulous room, where on winter nights you can relax by the stylish fireplace, listen to music or chat with friends. On warm days and evenings it offers a terrace where you can relax listening to the soothing sound of the nearby mountain rivers.