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Hotels near Tauride Park

Famous for its beautiful Tavrichesky garden in St. Petersburg, created in 90-ies of the XVIII century, nowadays attracts many tourists and indigenous residents for lovely walks. Many interesting objects of historical and cultural value, as well as Park place entertainment does not get around in one day. Nearby the hotel “Austrian yard” allows a comfortable stay in the city. which allows daily to enjoy the Park and its attractions.

From the history of the Park

The garden was created out of the blue and all upland terrain, picturesque slides were deliberately planned by the English gardener William Holdom. A. Potemkin-sponsored works, which included the creation of walking trails, canals, the two communicating ponds on the former site of a small river. The island of Great pond were ennobled, and one of them was connected with the shore by bridges. The Creator of one of the bridges was Ivan Kulibin, the bridge was a miniature model of the great, and built the bridge across the river. Empress Catherine II, Potemkin returned the money spent on the construction of a wonderful Park and Palace and awarded him the title of a Prince of the Tauride.

The territory of the Tauride garden was allowed to Supplement its many buildings, and later there were organized the greenhouse,which was the most southern cultivated fruits, watermelons, melons, pineapples. Broad public access to the Tauride garden was prohibited, and foreign guests, walking in the garden, marveled at the swans on the clear waters of the ponds, the peacocks on the lawns of the Park and gave us their wonderful gifts – for example, sea, seal, released into the pond.

The Park has relentlessly developed, acquired various additions:

at the end of the XVIII century was built the Admiralty is a gazebo which kept the boat;

the building of the cavalry school;

the theatre, which had great popularity, built by the society for the guardianship of people’s sobriety.

The first Russian ship called the “Elizabeth” was launched in the waters of the Tauride Park, it was a boat with a steam engine. In 1861, in the Tauride garden was permitted folk festivals.

The modern look of the Park

Until today, all the monuments of antiquity survived, but many beauty Park have a pristine appearance, and landmarks have rich and intricate history.

Go to the Park from the metro station Chernyshevskaya, from Shpalernaya street, Tauride, Kirochnaya, Furshtatskaya, the hotel “Austrian yard” providing for the guests of the Northern capital rooms of different categories and apartments. The hotel can be considered:

convenient location;

favorable payment terms;

a wide range of additional services.

Visiting Tavrichesky Park, you can not only get acquainted with historical monuments, but also to relax, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views.