The most unusual hotels in the world
When choosing a hotel, we often wonder are there any attractions nearby. But there are hotels that are themselves the main attraction in those places where they are located. Fantasy…

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The most exclusive hotels
We help people to turn away from the problems of everyday life, give the opportunity to rise above the routine, having made a fascinating trip around the world! Any country…

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The most unusual hotels in the world

Is it possible to surprise the modern traveler the comfort of a hotel room, wonderful views of sea or blue water pool? The desire to something unusual comes from many seasoned travelers. Up ten unique hotels in various parts of the world. Believe the word, rest in such places are not erased from memory, and only photos taken here will undoubtedly become the object of attention of your friends.

Underwater hotel


The hotel”Jules Undersea Lodge” or “House of Jules Verne” is Wu the coast of Florida in beautiful emerald lagoon at a depth of 21 feet. This wonderful hotel is located in the room where previously there was a laboratory in which scientists studied the coastal shelf. To reach it you have to dive with an aqualung. The hotel can simultaneously be no more than six people, who may well find themselves, like captain Nemo, because the huge round Windows provide an opportunity to observe the life of different fish and other ocean dwellers in a familiar environment.

In addition to the guaranteed rush of adrenaline and mass of positive emotions, there are delicious delicacies in the restaurant and bar, underwater walks. Especially popular are the weddings in the House of Jules Verne. What could be more romantic?

Hotel beacon

Hotelklasse Suite Corsewall Lighthouse, situated right in the lighthouse, near the village Kirkcolm in the South of Scotland in the Bay of Loch Ryan, was opened in 1994. In such a strange place, tourists are provided with all the necessary facilities, including wi-fi and a restaurant. Beautiful view of the sea and cliffs, sea fishing, Golf, excursions in Belfast will impress even experienced travelers.

The hotel-prison

The thrill seekers will appreciate the hotel’s unusual, despite the fact that he is devoid of all glamour. Old Mount Gambier is the best way to visit in prison, not committed any crime. Communal kitchen and bathroom, 45 dressed in prison uniform of the staff (they have certain positions – Rangers, chief, medical staff) create a special prison atmosphere. And here it’s clearly not for the faint of heart, as the hotel joins a list of hotels with ghosts. Around it goes a lot of legends, because the prison has existed for over a hundred years (1866-1995).

For backpackers this is a budget holiday, it is attractive because the hotel is located halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide and is famous for its beautiful blue lake and unique parks.

Hotels in ice

Quebec, Canada

Ice hotel the Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada (also known as Hotel de Glace) is 20 minutes drive from Quebec city. It is unique because it is being built anew each year and the number of rooms it changes. Here and regular rooms and suites, the temperature of air in them (even if outside the thirty-degree frost!) does not fall below -4.

Sleep on ice beds covered with reindeer skins, will be remembered by guests for a long time, like the beautiful carved walls, arches, chandeliers and candelabra. Guests are offered the rooms of the ice bar café. The imagination art gallery of ice sculptures, the Museum of eskimo culture, opened a skating rink and a cinema.

If ice hotels in Canada gets every, Iglu Dorf hotels – real snow igloos are located in a wonderful corner of the Alps and Pyrenees. More than three hundred tons of snow is used each year for the construction of this environmentally friendly home for travelers. Standard room in this hotel accommodates six people, each of which is provided with a sleeping bag, which is not cold even in 40-degree weather. And what could be more romantic than a night spent alone in this room? There is a special needle and sleeping bags, suitable for two people.

Hotel school

The original idea of the installation of facilities for at have touched even schools. After photographers from Belgium, Anne and Jean-Luc around the world in search of unusual buildings, they decided to create something unique. Remembering school childhood, transformed the old village school in a comfortable hotel with designer furniture. Rooms here have unusual names – “the math class”, “class architecture” and other. The hotel often hosts groups of tourists, conferences and seminars of different companies. To services of visitors – a cinema, slot machines. Remember the high school youth in a convenient and unusual La Classe.


If you do not wish to part with the feeling of flight, even while on earth, or just afraid to climb into the sky, and to feel in air the liner want, you should visit an unusual hotel-the plane. In the national Park “Manuel Antonio” Costa Rica “entered” once belonged to South African Airways “Boeing-727” in 1965. Now the residents of the smallest state in Central America are proud of their unique hotel, tourists can enjoy not only the special atmosphere of the tropics, but also the neighborhood monkeys, toucans and other creatures.

Swedish hotel Jumbo Stay, of course, can not boast of such, but it looks much more stylish, and stay at this hostel-the plane will be remembered tour special European comfort and a variety of proposals for leisure activities.

Hotel-train station

The Crowne Plaza, which is located in the former train station in Indianapolis, is unique in that the rooms are located in the brand Pullman carriages of the early XX century (such wagons were “Orient Express”), and the restaurant in the lobby of the station. The comfortable rooms have their own names in honor of famous historical characters, such as Charlie Chaplin.

It is worth noting that the Pullman cars used as hotel rooms not only in the U.S. but also in England.

The hotel-library

The dream of every book lover is sure to be in a fancy new York hotel, located in the former library. Each floor represents a specific category: “literature”, “art”, “sociology”, etc. the Choice of numbers depends on the reader’s tastes of the visitor, because each of them devoted to a specific topic, for example, poetry, erotic literature. Here are holiday – shelves with tomes (only the hotel’s collection of more than 6,000 volumes). It’s nice to laze around with a book in bed or have a Cup of tea in the “poetic garden” on the terrace, to have the opportunity at any time of the day in the reading room to enjoy coffee with cookies.