Ten famous and oldest hotels of London
Special charm to live in those old hotels in London. which have preserved not only the interior but also the spirit of bygone eras. Staying in one of the hotels,…

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Club best hotels of the world
Historical aspects and modern features of hotel services market in Russia. Factors affecting the development of the hotel industry and increasing occupancy rates of hotels. Activities that improve the load…

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The most luxurious hotels of Crimea

Long past the time when the post-Soviet space was extremely difficult to find a really nice hotel. If earlier it was possible to count unless some kind of “Intourist” in which still remained a plume of Soviet practices of communication of the staff with the guests. As early as possible in the hotel industry was much less compliance with the European concept of high service, but today the situation has changed dramatically. Now you can find hotels for every taste and budget. This special niche is a hotel complex offering not just good service, but rather, high quality service combined with the best interior solutions and the multi-recreational.

GIS Crimea offers an overview of several hotels that are the pride of our region and proves that in the Crimea you can find hotels that demonstrate fine taste and offers its own special atmosphere. Of course, a visit to these hotels is not the best budget practice, especially in high season. But as you know, for good conditions is worth paying for.

This demonstrates the chic hotel “Mriya resort Yalta” . The complex is located not far from Yalta and is a luxurious architectural design. The author of the design of the hotel is the British architect Norman foster. “Mriya resort”is the winner of World Travel Avards in the category “Europe’s Leading new resort.” There is room for every taste, making a total of 422 and each breath sophistication and style. Particularly well here to have a family holiday. The Spa complex offers a lot of conditions – from huge, heated pool and cinema room to diagnostic and medical-aesthetic treatments, in addition there is a children’s Playground, games room and even a ropes course. The hotel room will cost from 14 500 rubles. for two in a Deluxe room or 20 000 rubles in a double “Family Suite” up to eight “Presidential villas” that cost 198 000 rubles per day. In addition to the cost of accommodation includes three meals a day in the format “Swedish table”, base medical services, swimming pool, fitness centre and sauna.

Another gorgeous place – Villa Elena – the oldest hotel of Yalta, which opened its doors to guests in 1912. The hotel is presented as a historical building and modern buildings. The hotel guarantees the adherence to the ancient traditions and at the same time promises to provide guests with the comfort of home. Here there are centuries-old Park, and its own patisserie, and gourmet restaurants. In addition the hotel provides opportunities for sport and recreation (bike rental, tennis courts, gyms), and for cosmetic procedures. There is also space for business meetings, for example, conference space “Sea hall” can accommodate up to one hundred and twenty persons. The hotel room will cost 14 500 rubles per night for a Deluxe or 16 500 for Junior to 39 000 for Panoramic penthouse (with a huge panoramic window) or ninety-nine thousand Star for penthouse.

Residence “Crimean breeze” in the valley Limanskoe good as its location (dry subtropical climate), and its architectural approach. The main pride of the hotel Villa. Each of them will give a beautiful view of the sea, quietness and personal space, as well as the diversity of a comfortable stay. The main way to move guests at the residence – electric cars, from them does not harm the environment, is not violated peace and security on site. The cost of the rooms, as elsewhere, varies relative to the seasonality, but on average is in the range from 15 000 rubles per night for a Classic room up to 200 000 RUR for a Villa that can accommodate up to eight people.

Luxurious “Respect Hall” in Yalta is situated at the foot of AI-Petri. It’s peaceful, quiet and beautiful. The prices there are somewhat lower than the above mentioned hotels, but the hotel is well designed and visible to design your own style. The range of prices is quite significant. Economy room here will cost from 8 000 rubles per day, and Apartament VIP three bedroom duplex will cost from 100 000 rubles per day. Of course, the hotel provides guests with everything needed. There are also personal cable car and the beach in Miskhorsky Park.

Best casino of the world
For many years casinos were given semi-legal status. However, the industry has been and remains so favorable for making investments, no matter what the owners of gambling houses manage to…

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Unusual hotel in a former factory of vacuum cleaners
Hotel Hüttenpalast in Berlin is more reminiscent of a miniature village: accommodation-cabins (Hütten in German translates as cabins) are scattered throughout the factory. Next to each "cabin" is a cozy…