Stockholm. An unusual hotel made of plane.
The Swedes decided to bring new life to old aircraft. Near the airport of Stockholm four years ago, perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in the world. To spend…

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Hotels of the World
Broniruem is an extensive database of hotels around the world and easy booking system online. On our site contains the best hotels in the world. The best bargains can slowly…

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The most expensive hotels

In whatever country you go, your attention always presents a huge selection of hotels – from the most simple and cheap, to incredibly comfortable and very expensive. If you are accustomed to luxury travel with all sorts of privileges, then, of course, will choose this hotel from the second group. In almost every country there is a hotel with a higher cost. But today we’ll talk about hotels from all over the world. In what countries is just as expensive and in how many this pleasure will cost? Let’s face it.

In the ranking of the most luxurious hotels in the world one of the first places belongs to Prisident Wilson hotel located in Geneva. One night will ruin your wallet at 54 thousand dollars. Just think about this figure! The interior of the building is made of the highest quality leather furniture, Swarovski crystal, unique objects of art, chandeliers made of pearls and the painted ceilings of silver. The rooms are equipped with bulletproof Windows. You will be able to enjoy not only the luxury but also to feel in complete safety.

The second place we may give the hotel Palms Casino in Las Vegas. It is the most expensive room is located on the 34th floor. To services of visitors in the apartments include a bar, lounge and dining room, rotating bed and a Jacuzzi in the fresh air under the open sky. Here postinfarktnoe sight.

Closes the three leaders of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, which is located in Tokyo. Per night in Eastern luxuries you splurge on 17200 USD. From your window opens to views of mount Fuji, which is the main highlight of the hotel. The most expensive room and, of course, the most luxurious, located on the top floor with all the frills.

Next on the list is Cannes hotel Martinez Hotel. The price of the presidential room Suite status varies from 13700 to $ 43800. Since Cannes represent one of the favorite places for visiting celebrities, and the decor here is appropriate – the luxury of the real. In the room there are two living rooms and two dining rooms, four bedrooms, a sauna and a Turkish bath. The window offers a beautiful view of the Bay. You can feel like a real star.

Slightly lower in the ranking Palase Emirates in the UAE. This is the most expensive hotel in the middle East. The most luxurious room to stay the cost was $ 12250$. You’ll be surrounded by marble, gold, chandeliers with Swarovski crystals, and the interior will immerse its visitors in a real Eastern fairy tale.

A list with the most luxurious and expensive hotels will complete the Buri Al Arab, located in Dubai. Per night in your room you will have to pay 6800 dollars. These apartments will be pleased with gold and marble, leopard carpets and other delights. It boasts a private cinema room and many amenities. Well, about a beautiful view from the huge Windows and say no.

As you can see, these hotels address the needs of even the biggest fussy. The only catch money to lay out for another night of stay at a top level.

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