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Haunted houses. Stanley Hotel (USA)

Built at the beginning of the XX century Stanley Hotel is one of the most popular and often visited hotels of the world. Having received worldwide fame thanks to the novel of Stephen king’s “the Shining”, the Stanley Hotel for more than one decade attracts attention not only curious tourists and those wishing to admire the beauty of Estes Park, and paranormal researchers and Ghost hunters. However, despite numerous reports of the ghosts that supposedly inhabit the hotel, no one has been able to obtain convincing evidence of the presence of “supernatural forces” at the hotel. In spite of this, a number of stories about spirits that inhabit the Stanley Hotel every year becomes more and more.


In 1903 the inventor of the automobile, “Stanley Steamer” Freeland Oscar Stanley arrived in picturesque places in Colorado to improve their health. Stanley suffered from tuberculosis and on the advice of his physician remained in Estes Park for the summer. We can say that Stanley fell in love with the beauty of the valley, in a wonderful nature of the surrounding country, presents a magnificent mountain landscape. Engineer health began to improve, and probably at this time he decided to tie his future career with Estes Park. He decides to build a hotel here.

The area under construction was purchased by Stanley from the Irish Earl Lord Dunraven who purchased this land in 1872. In total, the Earl got into his possession some 15,000 acres (61 sq km), which was planning to create a hunting reserve.

In 1907 construction began on the hotel. Building material – wood and stone – were obtained from the nearby mountains, so 2 years later – in 1909 – the hotel was opened for visitors. A mile and a half from the hotel stands the house of the family Stanley (now a private residence). The building had running water, electricity, telephone. Until 1979, the hotel had no heating since the hotel was originally conceived as a summer resort.

During its more than century history, the hotel has played host to a huge number of celebrities: Margaret brown who survived the disaster of the “Titanic” of Japan’s Emperor Meiji, the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and many Hollywood stars. In addition, the atmosphere of the Stanley Hotel inspired by American writer Stephen king to create his world famous novel “the Shining”. It is believed that most of the chapters of his book, king wrote directly to Stanley Hotel. It was here in 1997, he filmed the television version of the film “the Shining”.


The most famous Ghost of this hotel is its founder Freeland Stanley. Most often it appears in those areas in which he loved to visit during lifetime – in the lobby and the billiard room. About the meeting with the Ghost told participants in one of the many excursions available in the Stanley Hotel all year round. Then allegedly the Ghost of the former owner of materialized in the room directly before the group of tourists. And the bartenders often see Freland Stanley, coming into the kitchen through the bar.

Another Ghost at the hotel – flora Stanley, the wife of Freland. She continues to entertain guests by playing the piano and after death. Employees and guests talk about that could hear the sound of piano coming from the Music room. If the keys are themselves playing a beautiful melody, and everything becomes silent when someone walks into the room.

One of the most often visited by the ghosts of the Stanley Hotel room 418 room. From there regularly heard strange sounds, and someone constantly throwing off the bed. Guests say that at night you can hear in the hallway the children play. One young family, leaving the hotel in the morning, complained of a loud baby cries coming from the corridor on the fourth floor. Although the organizers and assured them that the hotel does not have any children.

In room 217 (where S. king wrote most of his book “the Shining”) inhabits the Ghost of miss Wilson, and the 407 took the Lord Dunraven – the former owner of the land on which now stands the Stanley Hotel.

In addition, visitors can hear (or think you hear) a strange voice, the sound traveling through the Elevator shaft, which actually stands on the site. By the way, the story of the Elevator was used by Stephen king in his book. There is a legend that he was seen by the writer in the walls of the Stanley Hotel Ghost it was the Ghost of a little boy who was crying for his nanny. However, we tend to think that this story from the lips of a famous writer, “masters of horror” should be perceived, and is perceived as exceptionally competent PR move and nothing more.

In 2002, one of the visitors of the hotel have reported strange man in a cowboy hat who was looking at him from the window of room 408. And in 2006 the hotel underwent a rather unpleasant incident that almost led to the death of the visitor. Of course, the cause of the accident was declared a Ghost. In the Music room at the wedding ceremony was held. The bride’s sister decided to play a trick on the newlyweds, went up to him in the room and wrote on the mirror in the bathroom red lipstick the word “Redrum” (from the English. murder is murder). The word was used by S. king in “the Shining”, so the girl decided to scare a little the young.

Back in the foyer, she tripped and fell down the stairs. The girl insisted that the cause of her falling was something that pushed her in the back. Of course, witnesses to the incident claimed that besides her on the stairs no one else was.

In 2006, researchers from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), who study paranormal phenomena, here filmed one of the episodes of the program “Ghost Hunters”. Documentary report of the Stanley Hotel the work was shown on 31 may 2006 and aired on the American Sci-Fi channel. Not to say that the study apartments Stanley Hotel, the group TAPS, can be considered serious. You need to take into account the fact that “Ghostbusters” is in the first place shows that can not do without exciting stories about ghosts and all sorts of “strange phenomena”. Experts from The Atlantic Paranormal Society rather exaggerated and without disturbing the atmosphere of the Stanley Hotel, constantly talking about allegedly swaying the curtains, opening Windows, doors and breakable glasses.

Beautiful nature of Colorado, snow-capped mountains of Estes Park, the unique atmosphere of mystery, of mystery and antiquity – the ideal conditions for the appearance in the Stanley Hotel ghosts. Sorry actually they are not there…

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