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Famous hotel in Sochi after the renovation is waiting for the influx of visitors

Recently known Sochi “the Pearl” was not just a hotel but the Grand hotel. What is the essence of change? About it our conversation with the General Manager of the hotel Victor Tabachkova.

Victor S., “the Pearl” is one of the largest on the whole coast hotels. She is well-known for more than 40 years and our tourists, and foreigners who appreciate the proximity to the sea, spectacular objects, such as year-round pool with heated sea water. Why is she rebranding?

Victor Tabachkov: You are right, the hotel “Pearl” on the coast know well, but we set a very difficult task – to revive the glory and greatness of the once of the best hotel of Russia. Have a dream – to create a Russian network of hotels is not worse than the famous Radisson, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, but not clones, and hotels with Russian hospitality, with our soul.

Because it employs a team that is doing everything to ensure that this goal was achieved.

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I thought the guest of any country need the same things: quality service and a decent level of comfort.

Victor Tabachkov: on the one hand, Yes. But to receive a guest is a special art. If he is well rested, got pleasant emotions – owners thank. As in any business, there are no boundaries in development. Therefore, we first undertook a renovation:Unfurnished premises, made an interesting design, set with modern furniture, renovated pool, restaurant. Now here music and other sounds – with the filing of a world Opera star Lyubov Kazarnovskaya. One word, actually out of the Soviet type, we created an updated 4 star hotel. It cost us millions, but it’s worth a try.

After all in Sochi “Pearl” stop the highest-ranking guests – the leaders of different countries, movie stars and show business, media persons. Just recently, the hotel was visited by presidents of Russia and Greece, the Prime Minister of Iran, the President of IOC and other state officials. Our guests can count on a decent level of comfort.

Now on the territory of “Pearl” two outdoor heated swimming pools with sea water, a gym, a sauna complex, image-Studio LaPteria, tennis courts, many restaurants, bars and cafes. For business people, a business center, an exhibition center, conference halls, concert hall for 500 seats, meeting rooms. Plans for the development site up to 2017.

The building of the Grand hotel from the outside looks like a giant ship full of guests from different countries.

Victor Tabachkov: But inside each guest finds for a cozy corner. The staff is completely “flipped” the hotel changed its internal appearance, while maintaining the spirit of the old “Pearls.” Those who are in the pre-perestroika times stayed here, discover the new Jewel.

We welcome these changes, because the Grand hotel is our favorite creation, which we are proud.

In Sochi among the hotels there is a rivalry, it is quite challenging to stay in shape. What trends of the travel industry are you ready to apply?

Victor Tabachkov: of Course, we follow all the innovations in this sphere. Especially interested in feedback from our visitors, their wishes. There are on the hotel website and the magic button, using which the guest can leave their wishes. All of this allows you to “keep your nose to the wind”.

“Pearl” attracts people, like a talisman of success

Thus, of particular importance in the hotel has animation in the summer. Imagine: hot sun, cool sea water, leisurely strolls of tourists and suddenly the whole atmosphere outshines the sparkling energy of Latin dance. We invite you to create a special atmosphere of animators from different countries with extensive experience in organizing entertainment in the world resorts.

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Given that the vector of interest is the “Pearl” has shifted to the East, ready to receive more and more visitors from China and do our best to make them feel at home – from national cuisine to entertainment. Prepare the site version in the Chinese language, because when you see the flights from Sochi to Beijing, the flow of visitors will increase dramatically.

Generally in our case the main thing – to listen to the guest. In fact, it is not we are the owners, and he. After all the guest votes for the hotel of your wallet and attachment. Because the best reward for us is when he comes back here again and again.

We drew attention to the fact that a huge demand now enjoys the retro style: the dancing and music of the 70s, the 50s, the newly popular styles disco, jazz and began to arrange the evening in the spirit of the past. Our guests appreciated and welcome amenities: cocktail upon arrival, radiostanciya and cake with a card each birthday. Thus the “Pearl” as it makes clear: you are part of our family.

And who is your action “Holidays with the stars”? How much it is in demand?

Victor Tabachkov: All previous years the stars of the festival “Kinotavr” lived with us. It’s a tradition. Within walking distance to places of display, the sea is our distinct advantage. Team “Pearls” tries every year to diversify the stay of the film makers, to bring something new. So, last year during the film festival we opened the season of beach relaxation ZHEMIBEACH with fashion show from the company BOSCO and the youth orchestra of the Moscow band Guru Groove Foundation. This year the opportunity arose “ncinmateskyt” people to gain accreditation to the festival and see everything with your own eyes. The residents and visitors of the city festival is of great interest, many would just stand next to the artists, not to mention the participation in the festival. In years past citizens were standing with binoculars and cameras to capture their favorite actor. “Holiday with the stars” – a good chance for those willing to dive in behind the scenes of the movie. Of course, the description of rooms is being held with participation of security service, random people are excluded here.

Rooms remember the famous chess players of the XX century – Lev Polugaevsky, Mikhail tal, Vitaly Tseshkovsky, Alexander Panchenko, Viktor Korchnoi, Boris Spassky. After a long hiatus chess game again will be held in the “Pearl”?

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Victor Tabachkov: Yes, the other day there was a meeting on this occasion. Russian chess Federation holds we have a big tournament for the first time after the restructuring will welcome 700 participants, and so what is found a new name – time will tell.

Within the walls of the “Pearls” were lit not only chess stars, birthplace of entire projects and teams.

Victor Tabachkov: moreover, at the stage of operation, the hotel has acquired a well-known name. Thus, in the design of the complex was attended by the grandfather of keira Knightley. Since launch, we’ve collected some stellar stories. The hotel began his career as Grigory Leps, Stas Mikhailov, performed by Larisa Dolina, Valery Leontiev, Laima Vaikule, Willy Tokarev. In the “Pearl” Vladimir Vinokur met his wife. Here the origin of the festival “Kinotavr”, gaining strength drink, honed his skills the resident Comedy club, kicked off the team “Ural dumplings”.

Today it is a famous and established personality. But one thing is for sure: in time for our guests, nothing has changed. “Pearl” attracts people, like a talisman of success. Here remove programs, documentaries, create scenarios of future paintings, come back here for the memories and find creative inspiration.

In short, come in “Pearl,” and you again will want to return here.


Grand hotel Zhemchuzhina is located in the territory of 70 000 square meters on the first line in the Central part of Sochi. Distance from airport – 25 km, from railway station – 3 km, from the seaport 1 km, a Significant part of the hotel is a Park area.

“Pearl” is a modern 4-star hotel, which is located next to the “Winter theater”, circus, concert hall “Festival”, Botanical Park “arboretum”, museums and theatres.