Holidays in the Maldives
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The most luxurious hotels in the world
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Classification and characteristics of hotels in the world

1It is well known that the level of service in any hotel in any point of the globe depends on its classification — it could be the European system of “stars” or Asian-African scoring system that took as a basis the Indian national system. However, you should always remember that single world and generally accepted classification does not exist, as there is no global authority that assigns a certain number of “stars”. Each country has its own peculiarities that distinguish the classification of, for example, the Turkish hotels from Russian or French. On the other hand, many of the requirements for the hotels, depending on stars, of course, the same. The main factors are the number and size of rooms, service, comfort, equipment in the hotel, etc Certification of hotels can be conducted at both the national and international level.

The system of “stars”, as already mentioned, mainly used in Europe and many other countries, such as Russia. China. Brazil, etc. as examples we can consider the French, Dutch and Turkish classification, as tipichnost hotels a number of stars there easily traced.

The French hotel classification system

A room in the hotel category 2 stars

In France for assigning “stars” is the Ministry of tourism, i.e. it happens at the state level because of the special importance of the tourism industry to the economy of the country. “Stardom” there is somewhat different from other countries.

The lowest step is hotels HT, that is of no category. Their level of service essentially as hostels, that is the maximum that can obtain a tourist in such places — it’s just an overnight stay with minimal amenities.

Hotels two stars is a classic budget hotel with small compact rooms in a unit or individually and the ability not only to stay, but also Breakfast. There is an improved version of two-star hotels — SUP, where the guests are waiting for the phone and the TV in the room, as well as a richer menu of Breakfast.

Three star hotels include the presence of a cafe or even a restaurant, a broader set of services and equipment of rooms. Often in France, such hotels are located in historic mansions. And just as in the case of hotels two stars, there is an option SUP with mini bar for a fee and Breakfast directly in the rooms.

Room in hotel 3 star

4 stars hotels already have business class featuring better and more diverse service and accommodations for, of course, increased cost. In the list of services include twice daily maid service, swimming pool, round the clock room service, etc. However, the luxury of hotels of the highest category, not here.

Top class hotels — four star Luxe. Not so many of them throughout France. and some of them are widely known outside the country as the legendary place of rest. The level of service, equipment, food and staff here the best. The cost of a night in these hotels starts from about € 300.

Category five stars in France is not, so there are hotels Palace — the most luxurious and expensive intended for human occupancy “cream” of society. Visitors of this hotel can afford a presidential Suite with an area of more than one hundred square meters with beautiful antique furnishings and unique design.